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Bodybuilding Human Growth Hormone

Methods of Bodybuilding HGH

There are several types of bodybuilding human growth hormone, and the type of hormone is based almost exclusively on the manner to which it is delivered into your body. The most common of these types are:

All of these bodybuilding human growth hormone boosters are designed to improve your overall strength and muscle mass, but they clearly differ in the manner with which they are taken, and even experience different results.


Injections are the least safe of all bodybuilding human growth hormone, though they are clearly one of the most well known. Injections involve shooting yourself up with a synthetic, chemical based, manmade hormone that usually is rejected by your body and, even if it isn"t, could have several long term health side effects. As far as their purpose, they are fairly effective, but most people do not want to risk their health simply to get more bodybuilding human growth hormone, so for most people they should not be considered a viable option.


Pills are somewhat effective as well, but they have two specific flaws. First, they are not easy to remember. You need to take your bodybuilding human growth hormone every day. Forgetting can cause less results, and ultimately be less effective in the long run.

Similarly, pills take a while to digest and your stomach acids may kill some of the essential proteins that are meant to be absorbed into your body, thus making them less effective. It is not a great option either.

Oral Sprays

Oral sprays are far better options than both pills and injections. Their bodybuilding human growth hormone gets sprayed directly into your mouth and immediately dissolves in your gums, putting it to work within seconds of taking your daily dose. They are not painful, easier to remember, and more effective. They are likely the best option on the market.

Food Supplements

Food supplements are "okay" in almost every sense of the word. They risk being broken down by your stomach acids, though less so than pills. They risk being forgotten, but it is not too hard to take them with breakfast or some other meal (even though they taste terrible). Really, their biggest flaw is that you cannot carry it with you. And since not everyone knows where they will be at any given time, you are likely to have to leave it at home and risk missing your dose.

Overall, oral sprays make the most effective bodybuilding human growth hormone. Of these oral sprays, Sytropin is bar far the best of the pack.